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Monday, July 5, 2010

Who Loves Brownies??

I do!! In our house, brownies are a big hit, it really does not matter what type or flavor they are, the kids LOVE them. Try to imagine, if you will, how many brownies FIVE kids can gobble up!!

Well, thanks to Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark, I received a wonderful little package to try out. The package contained two containers of Frosting, a brownie holder, a great icing tip set, and a Gift Card to Sams. Once we got the brownies, the kids went nuts!! They thought they were fantastic, and trust me the pan did not last long enough for me to use the storage container.

Time for the Best part, you have a chance to win one of these awesome gift packs. To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post telling us what your favorite type of Brownie is!!


andrea v said...

I like turtle brownies
vickers at comcast dot net

Heidi Toms said...

Brownies...YUMMY!!!! My favorite brownie is very simple but VERY DELICOUS!!!! All you do is take any inexpensive brownie mix. Pour half of the brownie batter into a 9X13 pan, then break 1 to 2 Symphony chocolate bars (any flavor) on top. Pour the remaining brownine batter over this and bake. WONDERFUL and EASY!!!!

Thanks - Heidi Toms, Florence, SC

Anonymous said...

I just made brownies last week and they were very, very good. I got the recipe on a blog. You use a pkg. of brownie mix, and pour half of the batter in the pan. On top of that goes a mixture that contains about 4 ingredients, the main one being coconut. Top with the other half of the batter. It comes out tasting sort of like Almond Joys!
g l mixon @ msn dot com

Danielle said...

My favorite kind of brownie is, well, any brownie is my favorite kind. I like peanut butter brownies, frosted brownies, plain brownies, caramel brownies, etc, etc, etc. If I had to choose just one, I guess it would be caramel today.

The Happy Wife/Danielle
ldsmom2201 at yahoo dot com

JC said...

I like chocolate brownie like m&ms as toppings.

tcarolinep at gmail dot com

Jackie said...

I like fudge brownies with walnuts! Thanks for the review and giveaway!
jackievillano at gmail dot com

Captain Coupon said...

My favorite type of brownie is a brownie with chocolate chunks in it!


Luvdaylilies said...
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Luvdaylilies said...

I love brownies, all kinds & flavors but one of my favorites would be to add a sweet creme cheese swirl to chocolate brownies, YUM!
Thanks bunches=)
Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

jakiesmom said...

i like reg fudge brownies..edge pieces
nannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

Katina said...

I LOVE brownies!!! Gave you a blog award here: http://www.peacefuldivas.com/2010/07/blog-award.html

Lindsey said...

I love most any brownie. My favorite would have to be anything that has peanut butter in it, though.

Kimberly said...

My favorite is double chocolate brownies - brownies with chocolate frosting! YUM! YUM!

allaboutkimberly AT gmail DOT com