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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bedroom Furniture Redo for $1.00!!

Okay, so what do you do when you have a room full of furniture that does not match?? Well, if you are like me, and don't really have $1,000 extra to spend on a new bedroom set, you work with what you have. We had these three pieces.

The dresser was my husband's from before we were married; the night stand was given to us, and the little table I bought at a yard sale for $1.00.

As you can see none of them match, but I knew they had potential!!  So, what did I do??

First I removed all of the hardware, and then started sanding.  You can see my little sander on top of the night stand.  I must say that the sander has become one of my favorite tools.

After sanding, I painted.  The table and night stand only took two coats, but for some odd reason the dresser took 5 coats.  After they were all dry, I took a piece of sand paper and distressed all of the edges on the furniture.

Although it still is not a complete set, at least they are all the same color, and match the colors in our room.

The total cost for this project was $1.00.  That's right.  The furniture we already had (the $1.00 is from the yard sale table).  The paint that I used was left over from other projects, as was the sand paper. 

Here are the before and after shots of each piece!!

The $1.00 table!!

The night stand!! I need to find new knobs for the drawer.

The dresser.  I left off the half circle plates that were originally under the handles.  I have a project in mind for those.

So, what projects are you working on??

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Audra said...

This is a great show of how to use what you have to create a great look. Amazing what a little face lift will do to a piece of furniture, now you have a new suite and it was a major Frugal Score.

Great job. Thanks for sharing.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

Wow! That is thrifting at it's best. I wouldn't mind a bedroom set for $1.00. I've wanted to paint my pine set for a year or so but I'm still too chicken!