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Friday, June 18, 2010

Save money on babysitting!!

We all know that you can save money by using coupons and shopping clearance sales, but how do you save money on babysitting?? Start a babysitting co-op.

To do this, find two or three friends who are interested in swapping out babysitting services. Take a look at your calendar and decide on a date that works for everyone. You may want to start by only doing it once a month, and go from there.

On the set date all of the moms will drop off their children at the designated babysitters house. One mom will watch all of the children while the other moms get some much needed free time. You rotate moms, so everyone can have a turn.

If there are many children you may want to schedule two moms to watch the children at a time.

Before you begin, set your rules so that everyone is on the same page. Some things to consider are:
1. How long will each babysitting session last?
2. Discipline procedures.
3. Set the schedule for the first few months.
4. Make sure you have everyone's cell phone numbers and an emergency contact.
5. Find out if any of the children have allergies.

By rotating babysitting, all of the moms will get to have some free time, and you will not have to pay a baby sitter.

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shopannies said...

my daughter does something like this where she lives it make a world of difference in sharing and not having to pay for it and getting your turn to go out as well

Sheila said...

This babysitting co-op idea seems really interesting. Has anyone else tried it and had a good experience?