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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life After Deer!!

That is right, we have deer at our new house. This took us by surprise, because we did not have this problem at our old house. About a week after we moved, I looked out one morning, and my tomatoes were gone, that's right, gone. The main stalk of the plants was still there, but everything else was gone. I was heartbroken, you all know how much I love my garden!! Needless to say, I went to Lowes that day and bought some 2x2 boards and wildlife netting and I made a fence to keep those creatures out!! Well, rather than pull the plants up, I decided to leave them, and guess what I discovered the other day. We have more baby tomatoes!!

This was shocking to me, because I thought the plants would surly die, they were damaged badly by the deer. There are tons of baby tomatoes, whoo hoo!!

Oh, and an update on the corn, it looks great.  You can see where the little corn cobs will be.

So, how is your garden doing??

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