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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yard Sale Jackpot!!!

Okay, so I am so excited about all of my finds today. You all know that I LOVE to go to a yardsale. Well, this is what I found today:

And, the grand total was (drum roll please) $14.25!!!

I got, 4 necklaces
4 bracelets
1 pair of earrings
1 pair of Sperry shoes
1 lamp
2 twin size comforters
1 wooden shelf
I small wall shelf
1 basket
2 large serving bowls
2 dome screens
1 small glass thing
1 cute candle holder
1 rug
1 wallet
and 1 box of corner protectors

I think I did pretty great!!  Look for projects with most of this stuff coming up soon!!

Did you find any great bargains??

To find more great bargains, visit the Cha-Ching challenge.


Lorrie said...

Great job! I was able to get 15 organic items for free this week.


Tracey said...

What great finds! I haven't been yardsaling lately, but need to get back into it!