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Friday, June 25, 2010

Check those bundles!!

I am not sure if many of you are the same, but when we signed up for our phone service we were told by the associate that our big bundle was great, and it would save us so much money. It looked good, so we went with it, big mistake #1.

This past week, I was working on our budget, and trying to think of ways to help us meet our savings goal faster. While doing this I decided to take out a phone bill and see exactly what we were paying for. Much to my surprise it was a ton of stuff that we did not even use, and if we have not used it in over a year I don't think we are going to need it.

By examining my bill, I found that we were paying for $40.00 worth of services every month that we don't even use, that adds up to $480.00 per year!!!

Our bundle included unlimited long distance, hundreds of channels, voice mail, and several other features that we don't use. In fact, there have been months when we did not even get or make one phone call from our home line!!

I was shocked to see how much money we were wasting every month. In order to fix this little problem, we downgraded our package to include only the things that we need. We now have 70 channels, and guess what you can survive without 300!! In fact we only watch a handful of those.

So, be sure to check your bills closely, and beware of bundles!! They don't save you money if you pay for things that you do not use!!

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photo source: gokoroko

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