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Monday, December 29, 2008

Neat Gadget!!

I have three neat gadgets for you today. First up is:

The Blo and Go

This is a "gadget" that attaches to your mirror (or any flat dry surface) with a suction cup, and holds your hair dryer. For those of you with long, or curly hair this would be great when you are trying to blow dry it straight. I was a little skeptical when I received it, so I just had to try it out, and guess what it really does stick. The suction cup is activated by a lever on the front, and it stuck to my bathroom mirror, and my wall. I was really impressed. With the Blo and Go you can use both hands when your are drying your hair. The Blo and Go is available for purchase at WWW.BLOANDGO.COM, and should be available in retail stores within the next 90 days.

Crib Tent II

This is a really neat product. It is made to help keep babies belongings, and hands and feet in the crib. The Crib Tent is made of a mesh type material. It took me roughly twenty minutes to assemble and install the Crib Tent from box to crib. The tent goes under the mattress, attaches to the crib and has a dome top. This is a neat product because it keeps my little ones feet and arms inside the crib, preventing injury. I am not a big fan of bumper pads because of suffication risks, but this seems like a much better option. For a list of retail stores and catalogues that carry the Crib Tent II visit www.totsinmind.com

The last neat gadget for the week is the Baby Dipper Bowl.

The Baby Dipper Bowl was created by a mother of twins to make feeding baby easier with one hand. The Baby Dipper is a triangular dish with a non-slip base, which means no more spills. I found that when using the Baby Dipper I did not have to chase the bowl around the table as I was trying to feed the baby with one hand and help my two year old with the other. The non-slip base really does keep the bowl in place. The bowl also has a slanted interior which makes the food slide down to one end. Not only is the bowl great for parents, but it is also wonderful for the toddler who is learning to feed themselves. The bowl makes it a little more difficult for them to slide the bowl off of the high chair tray. The Baby Dipper Bowl can be purchased at www.babydipper.com

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