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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Great Giveaway!!


Blue Berry Moon is offering a great giveaway. You cold win the wipes case pictured above!! There are also tons of other cute items on their site. I love the Baby and me matching handbag set. This would be so cute for my daughter and I to go out with. The prices are great as well, only $10.00 for the handbag set, what a great deal.

You can enter the giveaway by writing a post on your blog about the contest, and one of the products you like form their site. You also need to post the link to their site, and email them a link to your post at blueberrymoon@live.com.

Thanks Blue Berry Moon for such a great giveaway.
Thanks Denise at "Cent"sible Sawyer for posting about this great giveaway.


Anonymous said...

wow I am so i'mpressed! My husband happened upon your site and put it in our 'favorites' so I could see it when I got home, he knows how much I like to save a penny and thot this was so neat! Its so good to know there are other christian mommies out there who care enuf to post these helpful tips! My mom, who is Amish-Mennonite, always told me in the Bible it talks about that a blessing for a husband is a frugal wife! How true! God bless you!! ~Heidi

Brandy said...

Thanks so much. I love the fact that I can help other moms like me. Please keep visiting, there are great giveaways and super deals to come.