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Sunday, July 27, 2008

CVS Deals 7/27-8/1

CVS Deals for the week of 7/27-8/1.

I am not too thrilled about this week at CVS, but there are a few deals to be had. This is what looks good to me:

Trans #1
Revlon $9.99
Band-aid $2.99

Total= $12.98
use $1.00 Revlon Coupon and the $1.00 Band-aid coupon
Total= 10.98 (if you have ECB's from last week, you can bring the total down even more)
You make $11.99 in ECB's (9.99 from revlon, and $2.00 from Band-aid)

Trans #2
$10.00 worth of candy. Since there are not any good coupons that I know of, unless you have the B1G1 life saver coup., I would buy 20 of the two for $1.00 candy bars. It seems like you would get the most for your money that way.

Total= $10.00
Use the $2.00 ECB from Trans #1
Total= $8.00, you earn $5.00 ECB

Trans #3
(3) Aveeno baby lotion @ $3.99 each
(1) Neosporin $5.50
(1) Benadryl $5.00

Total= $22.47
(3) $0.75 aveeno coupons
$1.00 Neosporin coupon
$1.00 Benadryl coupon
Total= $18.22
Use $9.99 ECB from Revlon, and $5.00 ECB from Candy
Total= $3.25, and you earn $10 ECB's

Trans #4
$9.99 Photo DVD
$5.00 Kotex (2/$5.00)
$0.75 VO5 Shampoo

Total= $15.74
$3.00 Coupon for DVD that is found at the photo counter in the store,
(2)$1.00 Kotex coupons
Total= $10.74, use the $10.00 ECB's from trans #3
Total= $0.74, and you earn $9.99 in ECB's

So in total you would spend $22.97 OOP (if you start with no ECB's) but you walk away with $9.99 in ECB's, so it is like you are only spending $12.98. Not to bad, but it is not the best week for CVS.

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