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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CVS Deals for the week of 6/22-6/28

There were some good deals at CVS this week. I did not do as well with my out-of-pocket as I would have liked, but I am still learning. Below is what I got this week.

Trans #1
4 Charmin 12 roll packs, 5.99x4= $23.96

(4) $1.00 charmin coupons
17 ECB

Total OOP = $3.45, and I earned 10 ECB

Trans #2

(1) Aleve $2.99 ( I left my coupon for this at home)
(5) Colgate Toothpaste $2.99x5 = $14.95

Total = $17.94

$6.00 Colgate coupons
10 ECB

Total OOP= 2.50 and I earned 10 ECB

Trans #3
(12) Soy Joy Bars = $12.00
(1) pack of CVS diapers, $4.75 (clearance)
Total= $16.75

$4.00 in coupons
10 ECB

Total OPP= $2.82 earned 12 ECB

So my total oop for all three transactions was $8.77. Not to bad for 4 packs of tissue, 5 packs of toothpaste, 12 soyjoy bars, a pack of diapers, and a bottle of aleve. Plus, I have 12 ECB to use next week.

1 comment:

uwood said...

You did pretty good to be new at the CVS game!

BTW, great name! Hahaha!