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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cleaning Out Homeschool Stuff!!

Okay, all of my homeschool friends, I am cleaning out my homeschool closet, and I have these items for sale:

Minds in Motion, A Kinesthetic Approach to Teaching Elementary Curriculum, Susan Griss, 1998 $4.00

Social Studies Made Simple, Grade 1, Frank Schaffer Publications, Written by Beth Alley Wise, 1997 $4.00

Phonics Make-and-take Manipulatives, Scholastic, Grade =s K-2, Joan Novelli, 1998 $3.00

Science Experiments, Volume 1, Grade 1-3, Joan Bentley and Linda Hobbs, 1991 $3.00

Cooperative Learning Activities for Language Arts, Intermediate, Teacher Certified Materials, Inc., 1995 $3.00

Home Community Connections, Houghton Mifflin Reading, Grade 1 $3.00

Horizons Phonics and Reading 1, Student Book One, April 2001 Printing $4.00

A Beka Book HomeSChool Phonics and Reading 1, Curriculum/Lesson Plans, Includes Language, Spelling, Poetry, and Activity Time, 2003 (This book has some wear, but is still usable). $5.00

Health, Safety and Manners 2, Teachers Edition, A Beka Publications, 1991 Printing $4.00

Health, Safety and Manners 2, Student Book, A Beka Publications, 1992 Printing $4.00

God’s Gift of Language A, Teacher Edition, A Beka Book, Writing and Grammar Work-Text, printed in 2001. $5.00

God’s Gift of Language A, Writing and Grammar A Beka Book, Test Key, 2001 printing. $5.00

Grammar and Composition 1, Teacher Key, A Beka Book Language Series, Printed 2000. $10.00

Foundations for Christian Schools, K4 for four year olds, Home Teacher Packet, Bob Jones University Press, 1991. And Home Teacher’s Edition. $12.00.

Shurley English Homeschooling, Grammar and Composition, Level 1, Teachers Manual, 2002. (Like New) $25.00

Shurley English Homeschooling, Grammar and Composition, Level 1, Student Workbook, 2002 (Like New) $10.00

Horizons Math 1, Teacher Guide part one and two. $20.00

Sends me an email or leave a comment if you are interested, prices do not include shipping. bkwatts3 at gmail dot com.

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