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Thursday, May 19, 2011

CVS Great Buys!!

There are a couple of really good buys at CVS this week, I stopped in today to pick up a couple of things.

Wisk $4.99
Purex Crystals $3.99, love this stuff!!
John Fridea Precision Foam Colour $11.99.
20 oz. diet coke $1.69
Fitness Magazine $3.50
Powerbar Snack Bar $0.99
Total: $27.15

Coupons Used:
$2.00 off of Wisk
$1.00 off of Crystals
$5.00 off of John Fridea from insert
$4.00 CVS John Fridea Coupon
$2.00 ECB
$2.00 ECB
Total after Coupons: $11.15, got back $2.00 ECB's.

It would have been a better deal if I could have resisted the snack and magazine, but I am still happy with the trip!!

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