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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why you should shop the clearance sales!!

Okay, I know everyone has seen those people, you know the ones who are there the day after the holiday filling up their cart, THAT WOULD BE ME!! I must admit, I am an after holiday sale shopper. I can not help it, what better way to prepare for next year??

We have five children in our house, so you can imagine how expensive it can be to get everyone something for Valentine's Day, Easter, you get the picture. By shopping at the "after" sale, I am able to stock up on all of the goodies I need, for at least 50% off.

The longer you wait after the sale, the more picked over things seem to be, but they will be cheaper. I like to go the day after the holiday, I went today, and get first pick.

I have found this to be a GREAT money saving strategy in our house. However, there is one important tip that you should know, don't forget what you bought. If you need to, make a list and keep it in your home management binder.

What is you favorite way to save money on holiday expenses?
photo source: Thoursie

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