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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resolutionize Your Mommy-tude, Attitude Adjustment!!

Okay all of my moms out there, today we are going to be talking about how to Resolutionize your Mommy-tude, by adjusting your attitude!!

I know that sounds kind of mean doesn't it? Sorry, but let me explain what I am referring to. Not all Moms, but some (especially those with lots of children, like myself) can sometimes begin to feel a little robotic. At times it seems as if you can actually see yourself slipping away, the self you used to be. Your personality, drive, even ambition can all go out the window when you hear someone scream "Mom" at least 200 times in one day. Multiply that 200 by 5 and you have a normal day in my house, haha. My poor husband has heard me refer to myself as a "Mommy blob" so many times, and that is honestly how I felt every time I said it.

So, how do you snap out of that Mommy Funk?? Give yourself a little attitude adjustment!! That is right ladies, if you know it is bad, change it. You, my friend, are not "just a Mommy", you are The Mommy. A lady who can handle anything the day may throw at her, and never look back.   Who else do you know that can handle waking up to "someone pooped in the floor" being screamed loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear at 5:30am??  The Mom, that is who!!  Being able to clean it up and still get breakfast on the table on time, and everyone where they are supposed to be, makes you a super hero!!

So, rather than looking at yourself as "not that great" accept the truth all of you Mom's out there, you are Awesome!!  That's right, you heard me, you are Awesome.  No one is perfect, no matter how they look on the outside.  Don't compare yourself to other moms, other jobs, or even old dreams that you had for yourself.  Start having a little fun, and you will see things differently.

So, the next time you have to break up a fight over the little Lego man or do a poop call, remind yourself that you are an Awesome Mommy.  Changing your attitude about your situation into something positive will make your day so much better!!

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Nikki (Coupon Cookin) said...

Great article Brandy! This week with all of the snow I need a Mommy Attitude adjustment.

Crystal said...

Oh how I can relate, Brandy! There are many days I do not recognize that person starring back in the mirror.

Great advice! It's so true that sometimes we really do have to take a look at ourselves and change our mommy-tude! Becase we are worth it!:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks so much for writing this article!!! I so needed to read that:)