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Monday, September 20, 2010

A Few Changes!!

You may have noticed a few changes in my posts lately. There are so many great deal blogs out there, I have decided to not focus as much on specific store deals, but go back to the whole reason I started this blog. That reason was to share real ways to save money in your everyday life.

I will still post a weekly list of links that have great deal match-ups, but I will mainly be sharing tips and methods for saving money, along with some great craft projects.

If I do find an incredible deal, like the almost free rice last week, I will definitely let you guys know about it.

I hope you guys still enjoy reading my blog, and continue to visit.

1 comment:

Sherri said...

just found your blog today. I used to use coupons so much more when my kids were younger and saved alot. I've gotten away from it over the years. I want to start up again and I see so many blogs related to this. I'm also now unemployed, so that's another reason to get back on it. Do you have any links, tips, etc.
I loved my visit here.
now following you