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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

From old t-shirts to grocery bags!!!

Okay, so I have tons of old, ratty t-shirts around my house. You know how it is, you don't want to throw them away, but you don't want to wear them anymore either.

I went through and gathered up some of those "yuck-shirts" and decided I wanted to make something out of them.

The first thing I did was cut them apart at the seams, and cut off the arms.

Next, I sewed them together making two long pieces. Next I took Fusible non woven interfacing (because that what I had in my craft box) and ironed it onto one of the shirts. Next I turned the shirts right sides together and sewed them together up the sides.

To make handles I took the sleeves of the shirts and rolled them up and sewed a seam down the middle. For a little bit of a funky look I took one of the green pieces and sewed it to one of the cream pieces. Once I had the handles assembled, I sewed them into my bag.

I then turned it right side out and sewed up the sides.

I have to admit that I attached my handles backwards, but that's okay, I can still make it work.

Overall, I like how it turned out. I don't think it is too bad for my first attempt.

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Robin said...

Really really cute. Please link this up to my upcycled awesome linky party over at www.thetshirtdiaries.com

Amber said...

Very cute idea, I have just the shirts!

Robin said...

Thank you so much for linking up. I am having a Stash-Busting September party. Check the blog for details soon...