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Friday, July 23, 2010

Save Money on Groceries!!

So, other than using coupons, how can you save money on groceries?? Don't Waste!! I used to be so bad about throwing out leftovers, but not anymore. Once I discovered how much money I was wasting by throwing them out, I was shocked.

Now, when we have leftover food I find a way to make it into another meal. For instance, we had baked chicken one night, and had a couple of pieces left over. It was not enough to have the same thing the next night, but there was still a good bit. I took the bones out of the chicken and chopped it up, make some BBQ gravy and cooked rice along with a vegetable and rolls. Instead of the meat being the main focus of the meal, it was more like a side dish, but it was good. The best part was, we did not waste it!!

There are tons of options for leftovers, you just have to get a little creative sometimes.

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photo source: arinas74

1 comment:

Mom2fur said...

Sounds yummy! Brandy, next time you make a roasted chicken, try this: throw the carcass (a creepy word, I know!) into a pot and cover it with water. Add some salt, and pepper and maybe a little onion, celery and carrots. Boil it up for about an hour, then strain it and you'll have some nice homemade chicken stock, totally free!