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Friday, July 16, 2010

How much money can you actually save with cloth diapers??

I am a visual person, and I Need to see numbers when I am weighing the pros and cons for certain things. I decided to add up exactly how much money we save by using cloth diapers.

In our house we currently have two children in diapers. About a year ago, I decided to invest in some reusable diapers. I bought the all in one diapers that adjust in size. I spent $40.00 on my diapers from ebay, which gave us enough to get through roughly a day and a half.

If I were to purchase disposable diapers, we would need two of the smaller packs per week, roughly 60 diapers. If you buy the super cheap diapers, like the Kroger or Walgreens brands you will spend around $7.00 per pack. That would add up to $14.00 per week, and $728.00 per year in diapers.

If you go with Huggies and find them on sale, for the smaller pack you pay roughly $9.00 per pack, which would add up to $18.00 per week, or $936.00 per year.

Wow, when I saw the numbers, I was shocked!! That is a lot of money, or at least it is for our house. So, by using cloth diapers, even if I do purchase a pack of reusable every now and then for outings, I save at least $500.00 per year on diapers.

I can think of a lot of things to do with $500, what about you?? I know that not everyone can use cloth diapers, and I am not saying that everyone should, but it works for us.

I know there are some people who like to argue that the amount of laundry adds up. We do one load of diapers daily, and I hang them out to dry, so there is not "dryer" expense.

The way I see it is, if a $40 investment can save me at least $500 per year, I will take it!!

Have any of your tried using cloth diapers? Was you experience good or bad?

photo source: happy heinys dipaers


Janna said...

I wanted to try cloth diapers but didn't learn enough about them by the time baby came and then I just got into the habit of using disposable.

However the cost is why I decided to potty train her at 22 months. She was already telling me when she needed changed so I studied up on the "3 day method" and no more diaper bills.

Brandy it was so nice meeting you at SBSummit and thanks for entering the giveaway.

becca said...

i just showed this to my husband, and he got really excited. we are hoping to get pregnant soon, and have decided to use cloth diapers. i am doing a ton of research right now, but it seems to just make sense. thanks for putting the actual numbers together.