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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bathroom Makeover on a Budget!!

Okay, well I am sure you guys have noticed that I have been a little absent from blogging lately. That is because I have been working on a major bathroom redo!!

So, how do you makeover a bathroom on a budget?? First you start with one really ugly bathroom (haha). These are the before pictures, I will warn you this style is straight from the 70's!!

Complete with blue tile and counter top!!

More blue tile on the floor!!

And even MORE blue tile in the shower!!

Rather than retile the shower, we purchased tile paint, specifically made for tubs and showers.  The kit is $50, but totally worth it, and less than the cost of tile, morter, grout, and concrete board.  With a little effort this was the end result for the shower area.

The next thing that we had to address was the wall paper that was peeling off of the walls.  I can now say without a shadow of a doubt that I Do NOT like wall paper, but anyway, this is what the walls looked like after the removal.

Next we spent an entire day busting out the wall tile with a sledge hammer.  You see, when we went to take the first tile out we realized that our tile was not installed on concrete board, but it was installed using the concrete and mortar method.  This means that there was a layer of concrete and mortar mixture 2 to 3 inches thick behind the tile.  Can you say nightmare!!  All of that had to come out, so we took it down to the studs!!  Then we purchased a piece of drywall for around $9.00 and cut it to fit the bottom half of the wall where the tile was once located.

Next we had to mud the entire top half of the bathroom because the wallpaper left it in terrible shape.  After the mud was dry we sanded and sanded and sanded!!

After that came the paint, and I must say that I love the way that the color turned out.  We bought our supplies from Lowes, the paint cost $24.00, and I also primed the wall before painting, which cost $15.00.

Finally we attacked the floor!!  I found some really great tile on sale for $0.17 per tile at Lowes.  It took 3.5 boxes of tile to do the floor and backsplash.  The mortar mix was around $15.00, and our project only took a portion of a bag.  The grout cost around $14.00, and we still have some of the left over as well. 

We had to rent a tile saw for two hours @ $12.00 per hour, for a total of $24.00, to cut the tile.

This is what the floor looks like now.

As for the sink area, we used paint made for counter tops and changed the color that way.  The paint cost $15.00 and worked wonderfully.

So the total for our bathroom makeover was $190!! (Actually the total was a little less because I found some Lowes coupons for 10% off any purchase).   It was tons of work, but I am so happy with the result, and guess what??  There is NO MORE BLUE TILE!!


Jennifer said...

Looks great!! Much better than what you had before! :)

Jennifer @ Life with the Lebedas

tsue said...

Looks fabulous!
Thanks for sharing your tips!

Leeanne Dyson said...

I must say, those new colors are DEFINITELY a huge improvement over the powder blue tiles, haha! I like how you decided to go bold with the colors in a bathroom; a lot of people prefer neutrals, lights, or pastels. I think the red really works in this room, and I love those new floor tiles. And congrats on keeping the entire renovation under $200! That’s pretty awesome!