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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kroger Deals 4/11-4/17!!

The deals are slim this week at Kroger.

Banquet Entrees $0.88.

Kroger Vegetable Oil $1.98.

Kroger Everyday paper towels $0.68.

Kroger 3 minute microwavable frozen pizza $0.88.

Kroger elbow macaroni, fettuccini, or thin spaghetti $0.88.

Kroger canned vegetables $0.68.

Kroger Apple Juice $1.68.

Kroger Gallon Milk $2.88.

Perdue Fresh Boneless skinless chicken breast $1.99.

Dannon or Activia Yogurt 2/$4.00.
$1.00 off of Activia (exp. 4/30/10).
$1.00 off of Activia (exp. 5/15/10).
$0.75 off of DanActive (exp. 4/30/10).
$1.00 off of Dannon Dan-o-nino (exp. 5/2/10).
$1.00 off of DannActive (Exp. 5/15/10).
$1.00 off of Danimals (exp. 5/2/10).

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