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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How can you build a home library for pennies??

Well, as you all know, I LOVE to shop at yardsales. I know that some people may not get the whole "yardsale" concept, but it is a great way to find certain items for only pennies. Books are probably one of the best examples. My family homeschools and books are like gold in the homeschool world.

When we started homeschooling I had a few childrens books, but not nearly enough. I know that the library is a great option for books, but there are certain books that I could not find at my local library that I wanted, and there are certain books that I wanted to own rather than borrow from the library. With this in mind I set out on a mission, to build my very own home library.

I truly was amazed at the number and variety of books that I was able to find for around $0.25 each. I have found tons and tons of books, and my children love them. I only have one child that is old enough to read on their own, but the others love it when I read to them.

Another great option for finding cheap books is to check out your local thrift stores. I have had great luck at the Salvation Army, and some other small thrift stores in my area, and the books are priced around $0.25 each at these stores as well.

Although my books are not "new" they are in great shape, and we are never without "reading material". So, if you really look you can find great books at super low prices to help you build your own home library.

photo source: bethany actually

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