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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Does Frugal = Cheap??

One word will answer that question, NO!! Being frugal is tons different than being cheap. Why, you may ask, because living a frugal life is all about learning how to live better on less, living a cheap life is all about things like giving someone a Christmas present that you dug out of the closet, and is so old that it has changed colors. I have received one of those gifts before, and it is no fun!!

With the economy in such bad shape over the past two years, many people are trying to learn how to live frugally. It's not that hard, but it is a lifestyle, not just an action. When some people think of shopping with coupons and shopping at thrift stores, they automatically say “YUCK”!! The joke is on them. If you usually spend $150 on groceries every week, and you could learn how to save half of that, wouldn't you be glad to have the extra $75 to spend on something else?? What about clothes, when I am standing next to someone who is wearing Abocromie and Banana Republic, and I have on the same name brands that look identical, do you think anyone is going to be able to tell that I got my things from a thrift shop? No, they will not be able to tell where you bought your clothes from, and why should they care? It is a thrill for me to go to the Good Will store and find an entire outfit for $10 or under, knowing that originally it cost over $100.

So, just because you choose to be a good steward of the money that God has blessed you with,does not mean that you are cheap. It means that you are frugal and financially responsible, both of which are great!!

photo source:  ZoofyTheji

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