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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Couponizer!!

All right all of you coupon clipping, money savers out there, do you ever wish couponing could be easier? I usually do not promote products like this on my blog, but I had to make an exception for this coupon organization system. The Couponizer is not only a product, but more of a couponing system. It comes with a spiral bound organizer, scissors, a zippered bag for extra coupons, a shopping list, and labels.

The spiral bound organizer has different sections throughout the book. In the front of the book there are sections for your shopping list, Coupons for this shopping trip, Checkout, Coupons that expire this month, and holders for all of your store cards. Then there is a section titles "My Coupon Supply". This section has different pages for; baby, baking and staples, beverages, bread and bakery, breakfast, canned goods, condiments dressings and spices, dairy, frozen foods, health and medicine, household cleaning, household maintenance, laundry, meat, paper and plastic, pasta and quick meals, personal hygiene and beauty, pet, snacks, and vegetarian. The next section is entitled, "My Other Savings". This section has pages for; entertainment and travel, fast food and restaurant, services, shops and retail, sweepstakes refunds and rebates, and rewards. The last section in the book is entitled, "My Results". There is a page for receipts and a page for your coupon tracker that is also included in the package. Each page in the book has a pocket to hold your coupons.

I love this system. It is simple, organized, and small enough to take with you into the store. The Couponizer was designed by a mom who was dedicated to being a good steward of her financial resources, and you can tell that she put a lot of thought into this product. If you are looking for an easy way to stay organized and save money, I highly recommend the Couponizer.

Disclosure: Product provided.

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