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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Diane Birch Review!!

I recently had the opportunity to review the Album, "Bible Belt", from Diane Birch. The album was great. It had kind of a jazzy feel, and I like some easy listening. There were a variety of songs on the album, and they felt very soulful. However, do not let the title mislead you. This CD is not a gospel album, and some of the lyrics are not suitable for children. I did have to turn it off while in the car with my children. It was my first time listening, and I was not aware of the language contained in some of the songs.

As a parent I try to keep as much bad language away from my children as possible, and I do not feel that it would be an honest review if I did not warn you.

Aside from some of the language, it is a good CD. As I mentioned earlier, it has a laid back feel to it, and I enjoyed the music.

Disclosure: This CD was provided for review by One2onenetwork.

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