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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is your job description???

I usually do not blog about things like this, but a recent trip to the ER with my oldest child really got to me. While we were back in the exam room, the registration person came by to register my daughter. She was going through the list of usual questions, and she got to the all dreaded question, "Where do you work?". When I replied that I was a stay at home mother, she quickly replied, "Oh, well then you are unemployed". I don't know why, but that really bothered me. It was not only the remark, but the look that went with it. You all know the look I am referring to, the "you are so lazy" look. All of that motivated me to write out the job description of a stay at home mother.

So what is it that all of us "unemployed stay-at-home moms" do? Where do I begin!! Here is my list.

Home economist, master chef, dietitian, teacher (pre-school or home school), nursery worker, handy woman, plumber (someone has to get all of those toys out of the toilet), electrician (when the toys stop working, we have to fix them), maid, painter, author, master story teller, chauffeur, administrative assistant (who else can keep track of all the crazy schedules going on at one time), accountant, professional organizer, fashion designer (or at least stylist, someone has to break it to the 5 year old princess that circles, plaid, and paisley should not all be worn at the same time), pet care giver, pet groomer, Gardner, professional shopper, money saving consultant, interior decorator (we have to know how to rearrange the furniture to hide the art work on the walls), party planner, travel agent (how else do all of those vacations get planned), medic, wiper of runny noses, booboo kisser, monster chaser, stockpiler, and last but not least my daughter likes to tell me I am the best Mommy in the world!!

I am sure I left several things out, but I think I made a point. Before stopping to judge stay-at-home moms, people should take a moment to realize all that stay-at-home moms do. It is not just a simple job, that requires no ambition or drive. This is a full time, 24/7/365 job, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. There are no breaks, naps, sick days, or holidays. It is a hard job, but I would not trade it for the world. I feel blessed to be at home with my children.

So there Ms. registration lady, that is my job title. Along with being a blogger, freelance writer, and part-time nursery coordinator with my church. No I am not lazy or unemployed. I, along with all of the other mothers out there, have the most important job in the world, taking care of my children!!

Sorry everyone, I just needed to vent, and wanted to share.

If you see something I left off of the list, please leave a comment and let me know.


beth said...

Just wanted to comment - today young people (I am 53) don't know how to say anything without offending others. Don't know why. A stay at home mom does it all, a stay at home mom is a doctor, nurse, coordinator, cop, executive and negotiator, in addition to your description. I started working when I was 15, had 2 kids stayed at home for a short period when I couldn't get a job and now am home due to health. Stay at home moms and MOMS in general have the hardest job in the world. Beth

The Bertone's said...

I totally agree with you! No one gets how hard our job is, but us! DID YOU HEAR THAT NO TIME OFF! 24hrs a day/365 days a year! But I would also not trade it for the world! Our job gives us the best rewards, that no vacation time, or raise could replace!

Bargain Briana said...

I think I would be bothered by the "unemployed" comment.

Unemployed is someone who can work AND wants to work but can not find work.

You work as a mom so you are NOT unemployed.

They just had to fill something out on the form. Next time tell they are the CFO of your home! :)

The Jacobsen Family! said...

I'd be upset by it too. Maybe you should send this to someone at the hospital, and tell them to be more professional with their clients in the future.
I love being at home with my kids... No job is better in my opinion!! =)