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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guest Post, Beauty Tips and Coupons!!

Today's guest post is from Christina from FabulousSavings.com. This site is a wonderful site to find online coupons.

Home Tips for Beauty & Free Coupons on Beauty Supplies

I'm a frugal gal who loves saving on beauty products. Growing up, the women in my family had tons of beauty tips that I used to raise eye brows to, but that I'm now so grateful to know.

I'd like to share my easy to do at home beauty tips that have been passed down to me from the women I love. Get ready to pamper yourself silly and save in the process!

Beauty Tips for Home

Discover all the natural ingredients you can find right in your kitchen for beautifying your skin and hair. Growing up, my grandmother swore by these items:

* Avocado - rich oils in the skin of Avocados deeply moisturizes skin
* Coconut Milk - Cocos Nucifera, an ingredient found in coconut, is known to smooth & soften skin
* Cucumber - vitamin C & K plus potassium in cucumbers reduce dark circles & puffiness under eyes while cooling them
* Lemon Juice - natural acids in lemons lighten hair & act as a natural bleach for dark elbows
* Olive Oil - rich in polyphenols & antioxidants that prevent the spread of free radicals while smoothing severely dry or chapped skin
* Yogurt - alpha hydroxy acids in yogurt help to hydrate dry & patchy skin

Some more tips for home beauty include simple things like using the toothpaste you whiten your teeth with to also whiten your nails. Or cut a grape in half with seeds exposed and massage areas with wrinkles to reduce them in just weeks!

Now, if I could create makeup, then I'd really be laughing. But since I can't, I make sure to use FabulousSavings.com for free beauty coupons. These coupons are frequently updated for the best ongoing deals. And if you ever need help, there's a friendly rep who'll walk you right through it!

These are some of my favorite free beauty coupons for great savings on makeup, hair care products and much more:

* Beauty.com coupons - $10 off $60 or more on lipsticks, lip gloss, eye shadows, blush & more
* Clinique coupons - free shipping & a free sample on orders of $50 or more
* Sephora coupons - free shipping, gift packaging & 3 samples on orders of $50 or more
* LANCOME coupons - free shipping plus a free 5-piece deluxe sample on $50 or more

Pamper yourself silly and never feel guilty when you're using home products or saving on the best names out there!

Feel beautiful!

Cristina from FabulousSavings.com

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