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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What Can You Do With Newspaper??

I have not done a Green Challenge post in a while, so today we are going to talk about all of the things you can do with newspaper.

Newspapers, most of us buy them, at least on Sunday, for the coupon inserts, right. Instead of throwing them out, here is a list of things that you can do with all of that paper.

1. Use newspaper instead of paper towels to clean the windows.
2. Place crumpled up newspaper to fill the space in your refrigerator. It has
been reported that when your refrigerator is full, it runs more efficiently.
3. Place crumpled up newspaper in shoes, suitcases, and drawers to absorb odor.
4. It makes for a fun paper mache project for the kids.
5. Do you need some original wrapping paper, put that newspaper to work for you.
6. Shred it up and use it at the bottom of animal cages.
7. Use it under mulch in your garden to help keep moisture in.
8. Are you moving soon, use newspaper to wrap up your breakable items.
9. When you have a spill, use newspaper to clean it up. Newspaper is very
10. Let the kids make paper air planes and hats out of it.

Do you have a great use for newspaper? Leave a comment and let everyone know about it.

Photo Source: LuluP

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