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Friday, April 3, 2009

More Great Music!!

Do you like easy listening? I do!! After a long crazy day, I love to pop in a nice relaxing CD, and take a break. The CD, The Birth Of Cornelius, by Corneille is perfect for that. With tunes like All Of My Love, and Heaven, this CD is full of great tunes with a jazzy feel.

Although he is relatively new to the American audience, he has been very successful in other countries around the world.

His thoughts on his latest project:
“Music has been the place where I could go to hide and forget about the world. I couldn’t make sense of a majority of the things that happened to me, so I used music as a shield. But over time, music has become a vehicle to channel out everything that I’ve been keeping from myself for all these years. And the new album is definitely the most honest, real assessment of everything that’s happened in my life, because I’m not trying to hide as much.”—Corneille

I would strongly suggest that you check it out.

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