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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Race Day Pictures!!

Do you remember me telling you about my race last weekend? Well, here are a couple of pictures from the race. It was my first 5K and I finished in 35 minutes. I was very proud of myself for running the entire race, and not finishing last. I plan to do another race next month.

I am the short one on the left.

This is right after we crossed the finish line, I am out of breath, but I made it.


Courtney said...

Awesome job! I'm getting ready to run my first 5K on April 4th - I'm nervous. I ran 3.3 miles last night on the treadmill in 36 minutes but I know running outside will be different! Way to go girl!!!! And I like your site! I found the link from Lindsy's designs! She does a great job doesn't she?

Brandy said...

You can do it. It really does feel so rewarding when you cross that finish line. I am going to be running my second on April 25th.