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Monday, February 16, 2009

Birthday Party Menu!!

Depending on what time of day you have your birthday party, the menu can vary. Their are no rules stating that you must serve a five course feast. You can make your selection as simple or elegant as you like. For an afternoon party I would suggest cookies, chips or pretzels, and some type of drink. La Vita Health Foods offers a new line of healthy gourmet cookies. La Vitas cookies are diabetic friendly, gluten and sugar-free, low fat, low glycemic, cholesterol free, dairy-free, prebiotic, and Vegan and Kosher Certified. If you want to "take it up a notch" you could always add some cocktail sausages or meatballs.

You may also want to consider sandwiches. Turkey, ham, and chicken salad are all great options. I like to buy the big hoagie rolls from the bakery section, or even the long loaves of french bread. Cut it in half long ways and make the entire thing into a sandwich. Once you are finished assembling, simply cut it into smaller sections, and then you have sandwiches for everyone.

For an evening party you may want to have a menu that is a little more substantial. You may want to do an entire meal, hamburger and hot dogs always seem to be a good option. You could also have pizza and bread sticks. Another great option is the frozen line offered by Farms Rich. I must admit that I am a fan of Farm Rich products. They have several selections to choose from; Stuffed Pizza Slices, Mozzarella Bites, Cheese Sticks, Marinara Stuffed Cheese Sticks, Stuffed Panini, and Quesadilla Slices. The pizza Slices taste just like pizza, only without the mess. They remind me of a pizza slice that has been folded up into a cute little package. The Mozzarella bites are easy for children to handle because they are small, and very tasty. I also love the cheese sticks, in my opinion they taste better than the cheese sticks that are ordered at restaurants. The great thing about Farm Rich products, is how easy they are to prepare. You simply take them out of the freezer and pop them in the oven or microwave. In minutes you have a hot tasty snack. The Farm Rich brand of products are available for purchase at most major retailers, including Wal-mart.

When you are choosing which beverages to serve, there are several options out there. I had the pleasure of reviewing Flavrz Organic Drink Mix Concentrate. Flavrz drink mix is designed to be mixed with water. You can make your drink mix as delicate or intense as you like by adjusting the amount of concentrate added to the water. Flavrz is made from fruit and sweetened mainly with agave nectar. It is also an environmentally friendly choice because by mixing your own beverages you eliminate the need to purchase and dispose of platic drink bottles. Flavrz is availavle in three yummy flavors; cherry berry, lemon lime, and tropical. Flavrz is also "wallet" friendly because of the cost. A bottle of Flavrz costs $7.99, and makes 8 quarts of full strenght drink, that breaks down to $1.00 per quart. I would say that is a great deal. If you choose to use less flavor per court you could stretch your bottle even further. Flavrz is available for purchase at www.flavrzdrinkmix.com.

Another beverage options is Steaz decaffeinated Sparkling Green Tea. There are several flavors to choose from; Raspberry, orange, root beer, and green tea with lemon. I was able to sample several of the flavors, and thought they were wonderful. My favorite would have to be the Green Tea with lemon. Steaz teas are also organic, so not only are you serving your guests a product that tastes great, it is also healthy too. To find a location near you that carries Steaz Tea visit www.steazteas.com.

Menu planning for your party can be a little stressful, but remember that your guests are not coming to the party for the food. They are coming to celebrate the birthday of a friend, so don't worry about it too much.

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