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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Neat Gadget!!

Here are some neat gadgets for you.

My Daily Bubble!!

This is a super neat planner. Unlike traditional planners, this one has lots of bubbles. The idea is to help you gain control and have more time. The Bubble Planner helps you get organized so you can enjoy things more. The daily sheets have 14 bubbles on the front for you to fill in with the things you need to do, and a list on the back, to make sure you do not forget anything. My Daily Bubble is available for purchase at www.bubbleplanner.com.

The Johnny-Light!!

Okay, this is just funny!! The Johnny Light is a little light that you install on your toilet to "Light the way to family harmony". The Johnny Light lights the toilet bowl at night when the lid is lifted. A great way to remind those certain ones in your house to put the lid down. Also a great way to help potty train. This would be a really funny gag gift too. It is easy to install, and comes with batteries. The Johnny Light is available for purchase at www.johnny-light.com

The ShrinQ!!

The ShrinQ is a pocket sized pedometer. This is so neat because it really does fit into your pocket, and it doesn't leave a big bulge in your pocket, I love it. The ShrinQ, pronounced shrink, measures your steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. The ShrinQ is available for purchase at www.sportline.com.

Chewable Jewels!!

I have seen the necklaces that children can chew on when they are teething, but have never had the opportunity to try one, until now. I was fortunate enough to review the Chewable Jewels necklace. Chewable Jewels were created by a dentist, free of harmful chemicals, and dishwasher safe. The jewelry is durable and made from silicone, which is very soft for baby to chew on. Another neat thing about Chewable Jewels is that one dollar from every item sold is donated to the Starlight Children's Fund. Chewable Jewels are available for purchase at www.chewablejewels.com

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