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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Monday Review!!

This weeks products are:

The Jimmies, Make Your Own Someday!!

The Jimmies are a singing group that create song for children. The CD is super cute with catchy tunes like Bedhead and Googlie Mooglie, just to name a few. The tunes are upbeat and geared towards kids. If you are anything like me, you could probably use a break from "Veggie Tale" theme songs. This CD has proven to be a great alternative. Not to mention that the kids love to dance to the entire CD.

Lyrics are usually a big problem when you are looking for a Children's CD, but the lyrics on this CD are cute, clean, and child appropriate. Make You Own Someday, has won the Parent's Choice Silver Honor. To learn more about The Jimmies, visit GimmeJimmies.com.

Amon Maternity!!

Amon Maternity is a line of maternity items created by former high-fashion model Kristie Bell. Kristie decided to launch her own line after unsuccessfully finding a quality line of Maternity lingerie.

Amon Maternity uses circular knitting technology to create seamless products. The density of the fabric varies depending on where support is needed most. Amon products are made for function and style while still providing support in all of your daily activities. It has been featured in Pregnancy magazine, as well as several news programs.

The Amon Maternity line includes everything from maternity briefs to after baby body shapers. I was fortunate enough to review the body shaper, and I love it. It provides support where you need it the most, and there are no seems in sight.

To view all of the Amon Maternity products, and find a retail location near you, visit www.amonmaternity.com

Amy Knapp's Organizers!!

Amy Knapp, a mom from Michigan, created these wonderful organizers to help her organize her family. Amy's line of organizer include: Expecting Family Organizer, Family Organizer, Christian Family Organizer, Homeschool Organizer, along with some other really great products.

Amy Knapp organizers contain a personal information page, To Do lists, Grocery lists, a space to write prayer and praise, month at a glance calender, weekly calender pages, pages for notes in the back, a family budget planner, a baby sitter information page, phone number lists, and even a space to keep your passwords and login information.

I have tried using several different types of planners, but this is my favorite by far. You can tell that this was created by a mom. There is a page for everything, even grocery lists. I love the fact that these planners allow you to keep everything together in one place.

To view all of these great products, visit www.thefamilyorganizer.com, and while you are there check out Amy's story.

Bra Straps!!

BraStraps.com is the largest single provider of fashion bra straps worldwide. BraStraps.com was created to give women the ability to accessorize their bras with a variety of fashion bra straps. Styles available at BraStraps.com include, beaded, color, and signature collections. Prices range from $9.99 to $40.00 on over 90 different styles.

From the Company:

"Ugly Bra Strap Syndrome is a condition that affects women around the country who let their dingy, discolored bra straps peek through their clothing.

Don't let someone you know get away with Ugly Bra Strap Syndrome - if your friends are guilty of showing dirty, worn out bra straps, send them a fashion violation using an email notification system we created at BraStraps.com."

In an effort to end "Ugly Bra Strap Syndrome", BraStraps.com made their straps easy to use on any convertible style bra. Simply take off the existing straps and replace with BraStraps.com fashion bra straps. Along with being easy to use, these cute little straps stay in place. Visit BraStraps.com to find out more, or to make a purchase.


Sassy said...

Those are awesome! It's about time someone came up with the idea. It would be hard to pick which I liked best!

Vanessa said...

Amon Maternity is no longer selling their stuff on their website. They recommend purchasing from www.mabelshop.com. I LOVE the bodyshaper for. Free shipping!