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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Monday Review!!

This weeks great products are:

Cmarchuska Tee!!

The Cmarchuska tee is a long sleeve fitted tee with button cuffs on the sleeves and epaulettes extending from the collar. This super cute tee is made from 100% organic cotton, and is machine washable. The M Series tee is extremely comfortable, and versatile enough to wear while you are out shopping, and dress it up for a night out. I have worn mine while dropping the kids off at daycare, and out on town. These tees are made in New York's Garment district, and it shows. I feel that the tees have great workmanship, and you can see the care in every detail. The Cmarchuska tee is available for purchase at www.cmarchuska.com . While you are there take a look at all of the other wonderful items there. I also like the Women's super soft 3/4 length tee.

Sock Grams!!

These are super cute, and probably one of my favorites. Sock Grams are socks that can be sent as gifts to friends and family. They have socks to match practically every personality. The Sock Grams come packaged in a shiny blue envelope. When you open the envelope, the socks are wrapped in pink tissue and closed with a sticker. I really loved the packaging with this product, you can really tell that they care about how the receiver feels when they open their gift. This would be such a great idea for a birthday, or any occasion. Everyone knows that flowers and fruit baskets get thrown out, but this is something the recipient can use, and think of you every time. There are even socks for babies. Sock Grams are available for purchase at www.sockgrams.com

'Balance' Itty Bitty Fortune Cookie Necklace

Amy Peters, a mom, designs beautiful jewelry. I had the pleasure of reviewing the 'Balance' Itty Bitty Fortune Cookie Necklace. This is such a cute necklace, the chain is a small link sterling silver chain. The necklace has two charms on it, one is a gold plated fortune cookie, and the other is made from sterling silver and has the word balance. This Fortune Cookie Necklace means your fortune is balance, and is a great way to remind you to create balance in your life every day. One of the things I love about this piece is that it is so unique. I love things that are "out of the norm", and this necklace definitely sets you apart. Trust me, you will get so many compliments on it, I have. The packaging for this product was also very impressive. The necklace came packaged in a white shipping box, once I opened the box there was a layer of pretty tissue, sealed with a sticker. Inside the tissue was the actual jewelry box, wrapped in a bow, surrounded by crinkly filling (packaging material). Amy Peters designs are available for purchase at www.amypetersstudio.com. While you are there check out her other original pieces.

Corel Painter 4 Essentials!!

Do you have a little artist? This is a great product for kids and parents alike. The Corel Painter 4 offers 90 brushes and paper textures. What a great way to paint without the mess. I found the program super easy to use, and enjoyable for my self and my four year old. This is also a great way to build your child's computer skills. The Corel Painter 4 Essentials is available for purchase at www.corel.com.

Cold and Flu Relief!!

We all know that this time of year can be a little overwhelming with the constant cold going around. Sambucol has released some products that can help keep you and your family healthy and happy this season.
Sambucol is made using a unique extract from the black elderberry. The elderberry has been used for many years as a herbal remedy, but has now been tested in clinical trials. Sambucol offers products for both adults and children. The adult supplement comes in both liquid and chewable tablets, while the children's suplement is available in a liquid form. Sambucol is available for purchase at drug stores and Vitamin stores nationwide. For more information and a complete list of retailers visit www.sambucol.com.


Okay, so what do you do once you have a cold? Cold-EEZE is a great option. Cold-EEze lozenges are made to reduce the severity and duration of cold symptoms. They are made with natural ingredients and are non-drowsy, they also taste a lot better than those other drops, with flavors like strawberries and cream, tropical fruit, and many others. Cold-EEze is available for purchase a major retailers nation wide.

Cold-EEZE also makes a product called Organix Cough and Sore Throat Drops. These drops are created to stop coughs, ease sore throats, and open up a stuffy nose. Organix drops are made with all natural ingredients and are even vegetarian friendly. The wrappers on Organix drops are made from fully compostable corn starch (that is just neat). Organix comes in four great flavors; orchard cherry, golden honey lemon, dark chocolate mint, and purely peppermint. They are available at major retailer nation wide.



Jackie said...

The Sock Grams are adorable...what a great idea!

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