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Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Reads!!

This weeks good reads are:

Little Hearts

"Little Hearts" is a wonderful children's book published by Tyndale House. In the book, Kathleen Bostrom (the author) answers four questions that children have about their spiritual life. "Little Hearts" is a combination of four Little Blessings books, "What is God Like?", "What is prayer?", "Are Angels Real?", and "What about heaven?". The book is beautifully illustrated, and has rhyming text. I highly recommend this wonderful book. My children loved it, and I am sure your children will love it too. "Little Hearts" will be released in February. To find more information on "Little Hearts" visit www.tyndale.com.

Scrapbooks On The Go

If you love to scrapbook, then this would be a great resource for you. "Scrapbooks On The Go" tells you how to create scrapbooks using the things that you collect when you travel, while you are traveling. There are several great ideas and examples featured in the book. I am personally guilty of bringing things home from our travels with the intentions of doing something with it, but I never know exactly what to do with it. This book was super helpful, and what better way to prevent it from sitting in a drawer at home forever, than to create your piece while you are actually on the trip.

C&T Publishing (the publisher of "Scrapbooks On The Go") has a great feature on their site, that you will love. They have a bargain section with craft books starting at $2.99. These are great books, well written and illustrated, that are super easy to follow. The bargain books would also make a great gift. To find out more about what C&T Publishing has to offer visit ctpub.com

Great Audio

Tell Me A Story

"Tell Me A Story" was written by Amy Friedman, author of the Tell Me A Story column at uExpress.com. "Tell Me A Story" is an audio book series full of wonderful folktales from around the world. There are no boring voices here, the characters are played by eight very talented actors, and the music is wonderful too.

When I think of audio books my reaction is usually "oh no", but not this time. I really enjoyed this series, and think it is a wonderful alternative to some of that TV time kids seem to get so much of. To find out more about "Tell Me A Story", visit mythsandtales.com.

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