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Saturday, January 10, 2009

CVS Deals 1/11-1/17!!

CVS deals are pretty good this week.

Kotex $4.99, get $2.00 ECB

Soy Joy $6.00, get $6.00 ECB

Tylenol $7.49, get $2.00 ECB

Cheerios (Twin Pack) $7.99, get $4.00 ECB

Fiber One/ Nature Vally (Twin Pack) $6.99, get $3.00 ECB

Other Great Deals:

CVS Brand Diapers and Training Pants 2/$12.99

Revlon ColorSilk 2/$5.00


Kotex $4.99
Soy Joy $6.00
Tylenol $7.49
Cheerios $7.99
Fiber One $6.99

Total= $33.46

$1.00 Kotex coupon (home mailer)
$2.00 Tylenol coupon (recent circular)
$1.00 Cheerios coupon (home mailer)
$1.00 Fiber One coupon (Printable, on my sidebar)

Total= $28.46

$13.99 in ECB's from last week

Total= $14.47, get $17.00 in ECB's

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