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Friday, January 2, 2009

Great Reads!!!

I have some more great reads (and listens) for you.

The Tangle Fairies by Steve Tiller. This is a cute book about fairies that come out at night and play in your room. This is a sweet little book that has great illustrations. My children thought it was really fun.
Tangle Fairies has been awarded the Benjamin Franklin Award from the Publishers Marketing Association. To find more titles by Steve Tiller, visit www.rightstuffkids.com

Great "Listens"

Okay, we all know how exciting car rides can be, especially if they are long. Well, this is a great option for you to try on your next trip, Audio books for kids.

Billy Brown And the Frog Tunnel, is an audio adventure created for children ages 3-7 by Giddio. This is a really fun book that tells a great story about Billy Brown (the bear) and his friend Emma that live in Johnstown. One of the interesting things about the audio adventures created by Giddio is that each character has a unique voice, this keeps the kiddos interested to see who will speak next. There are currently three adventures in the series, and the first one "Billy Brown And The Mystery Package" is available as a free download on giddio.com. Along with the free audio adventure download, there are also fun covers to download and color. These audio adventures are available for purchase at giddio.com for $10.99, but you can save $5 by ordering the Billy Brown Package, which contains all three adventures.

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