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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Monday Review!!!

Here are the great products for the week!!

The Butler Bag

I am a huge fan of bags. I like all kinds, diaper, purse, tote, pretty much any type of bag. I always have the same problems with my bags, though. They get messy, you know what I am referring to, when you have to search for your cell so long that you miss the call. Well, there is a bag out there that solves the problem of the messy purse. It is called the Butler Bag, and it is gorgeous.

The Butler Bag is made from top grain leather, and sits flat. There is a built in organizer in the bottom of the bag, and it has a spot for everything. There is room for a cell phone, cosmetics, bottle of water, keys, wallet, you name and there is a space for it in this bag.

I was very impressed when I opened my box. The Butler Bag that I had the privilege of reviewing was a brown coffee color. It seems to be the perfect size bag, not too large or too small. There is enough to store everything without looking like a suitcase (you know the bags I am talking about ladies). The materials seem to be top of the line, which makes me pretty confident that this bag will last for a very long time. Finally the purse crisis has been solved, with the butler bag there will be no more digging!!

The Butler Bag is available in a variety of colors and styles. They are available for purchase at butlerbag.com

The Skinny Tank!!

Okay ladies, I don't know about you, but as a mom of three small children, there are certain things that I wish to hide. I am referring to my flabby spots, you know what I mean. The Skinny Tank solves the mommy tummy problem. It is a stylish tank, that has a control section for the tummy built into the tank.

I was really excited when I opened mine. It is a gold shimmer color, and has a great fit. The tank is lovely, and perfect if you love to layer your tops, and yes it really does hide the tummy. The slimming section is made from a nylon spandex panel, while the rest of the tank is made of 100% cotton jersey. It is also long enough that you do not have to worry about it riding up when you sit or bend over. The Skinny tank is available in 14 different colors, and there are several styles to choose from. They are available for purchase at http://www.roussony.com/teez.html, or Belk.com


This is another super product for hiding those trouble spots. Slimpressions is a line of shapewear that slims you entire top half. This includes arms and back too. These wonderful pieces are made to be worn "everyday". They are comfortable, and do not roll up on you. They are available for purchase at slimpressions.com. Slimpressions come in three different styles, and four colors.
The Haves, shapes the entire top half. The Have Nots, shapes the arms, midriff, and back. The Skinny Minis, is a tank that shapes the midriff and back.

Simply Sarah Handy Hold All!!!

This is such a cute idea for storing your handbags, scarves, or anything that needs to be hanging. The Hold All is super sturdy so it can definitely handle those big bags, I know everyone has a couple. Each loop on the Handy Hold All can hold 2-4 objects, and there are seven loops on it. The loops have silver snaps so there is no worry about it popping open, and there is a grommet on the top which makes it easy to hang in the closet. The Handy Hold All is available in several colors, but my favorite would be the Pink Poochi. They are available for purchase at simplysarahshaw.com Do you want one of your very own, well Sarah from Simply Sarah is offering my wonderful readers a 50% off coupon code, now I call that generous. Use the code Savinsome at checkout to receive your discount. The coupon expires on 12-31-08.

The Pocketchanger!!!

All moms out there know what it is like to have to change a diaper in a public restroom that is, shall we say, less than clean. I grab paper towels and lay them on the changing table, but they just slide around and don't help very much. Well, the Pocketchanger solves that problem. This is a reusable changing pad that is actually big enough to cover the table, not to mention that it is super soft. It is made of soft terry cloth and flannel, which not only makes it comfy for baby but machine washable too. The Pocketchanger is what I like to call a "multi-purpose" product, not only is it a changing pad, but it folds neatly and doubles as a diaper and wipe holder. This is perfect when you just need to run into the store, and don't want to take the entire diaper bag, just grab the Pocketchanger and go. They are available for purchase at babygoinplaces.com in a variety of fabric prints, and while you are there take a peek at all of the other cute products.


tracy said...

I have used the pocketchanger from Babygoinplaces.com for both of my children and give them to everyone as gifts. I would never have survived with out them... yes, "them". I have one in the pool bag, the diaper bag, in the living room and an extra "just in case". Hands down one of the BEST essentials for moms with little babies.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Slimpressions! The saleswoman at Intimacy in NY told me about them when I was there last. Now I wish I had bought more!

Elin said...

Herroom.com has Slimpressions too. (Free shipping).

Anonymous said...

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