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Friday, December 26, 2008

Day after Christmas Clearance!!

Well, I was in Walmart this morning at 6:00 am, to stock up on gifts for next year. I was able to find lots of stuff since I was one of the first shoppers of the day. The pictures are of the stuff in my cabinets, I had to put it in before the children started playing with all of the new goodies.

This is what I got at Walmart:
(4) 4 pack plastic cups
(2) packs of Christmas pencils
(2) packs of Christmas erasers
(2) packs of clear gift bags
(1) wreath
(1) pair of Christmas socks
(26) gift sets
(2) serving trays
(1) large pack of tape
(1) 200 sq. ft. roll of wrapping paper
(4) foam craft kits
(1) foam snowflake craft kit
(1) box of Christmas cards
(1) 2 pack of pot holders
(1) dish towel
(1) pack of Christmas Starbucks candy
(2) packs of large ornaments
Total $103.63

Now I have all of my Christmas gifts for next year purchased (with the exception of the big gifts for my children).

Next up I went to Roses. If you have one near you, I suggest you go check it out. This is what I got:

(1) 7 ft. pre lite Christmas tree
(1) wreath
(4) Christmas flowers
(1) 6 ft. Snowman for the lawn
(2) set of 3 gifts for the lawn
(2) Christmas Rugs
(1) Pack of 300 Christmas lights
(2) Christmas yard signs
(1) wooden Christmas sign
(2) small decorative trees
(1) bag of Ghiradelli Christmas chocolates

Total= $84.92

Everything was 50% off, and now I have outdoor decorations for next year, and a nice big tree.

Did you go After Christmas Shopping today? How did you do?

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