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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Question for My Readers!!

I have a question for my wonderful readers. I am getting ready to invest in some cloth diapers, my question is which brand do you think is the best. I am looking for very absorbent diapers that hold up well to washing and do not leak. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have some diapers that I have made, but am looking for diapers that I can use when we go away from our house. Thanks so much.


Tiffany said...

I have a friend is very "green" and loves her cloth diapers. We just found out we may be pregnant and I definitely plan on trying them out. Do you Myspace? Or even Facebook? I check those more often, it's easier to keep contact with people for me! I will find out what brand she prefers most. My aunt also uses cloth diapers, so I'll have to ask her too.

Kathie said...

I really love my BumGenious 3.0

SusanPM said...

I agree with Kathie - the bumGenius one-size diapers are great. I bought four of them when my daughter was born and while we didn't go the cloth-diaper route long term, I think with our future children we will def. invest.

Jill said...

I have a friend who is featuring cloth diapers on her blog for the month of November :)

Check it out here and maybe get some more insight..

Andrea said...

Hi I'm Jills friend!

Yes, I am having cloth diaper month at my site. Lots and lots of diapers and other type of things to review.
I am liking the Bumgenius especially if you're looking for something similar to disposables. Knickernappies is good, and so is Bumwear. If you're looking for a good overnight diaper, Motherease. You will see all these featured on my site and a chance to win them. Check it out. I also have Questions and Answers from Angie the owner of Diapers Etc. She answered a similar question, just scroll through the posts! I look forward to seeing you.

Shopping for Two said...

Oh, I could write you pages and pages about cloth diapers. I love them! If I would recommend only one though, I would tell you to get the new Happy Heinies one size diaper. They've never leaked for me and are super soft. The bumGenius are good, but when my son was a newborn he always leaked out of them. He doesn't now (he's two). Plain old prefolds with a Bummis Super Whisper cover are great and very cost effective. If you want to know more, just send me a note.