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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby Leg Warmers!!!

These are so cute, and so easy to make. I was looking for patterns and directions on how to make baby leg warmers. I have seen several sites that sell them, and figured they should not be that hard to make. Then I found this tutorial on Everything Your Mama Made and More. It uses ladies socks to make the baby leg warmers. I found some cute socks at roses for $1.00 a pair, so I grabbed three pairs of socks. Last night I pulled out the sewing machine and made some leg warmers. This is one pair that I made. They are not perfect, and I did not match the direction of the hearts up very well on one leg, but I don't think they are too bad.
I will use these to put under my little princesses pants when we go outside, because her pants always seem to ride up and her legs get cold. I think this will definitely help with that problem.
So, if you have some free time and some extra socks, pull out those sewing machines and get crafty.

1 comment:

dawntrenee said...

Those are too cute, they should work like a charm. Toot Toot