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Friday, October 31, 2008

Tight Christmas Budget??

It is Frugal Friday today and we are talking about Christmas on the cheap.

I have posted in the past about shopping the after Christmas sales for gifts for the next year. However, I wanted to share another idea with you. Have you ever thought about shopping at consignment shops and thrift stores. If you have never visited one of these places, let me tell you there are deals to be had.

I visited one of the consignment shops in my town a couple of weeks ago and found a great little vanity. It was a princess one just perfect for my daughter. These retail for around $50-$60 new, the price tag said $12.00. I was amazed, it was in perfect condition, it had all of the little parts, and it was just calling my name. It did not have a box of course, but we always take the big gifts out of the box anyway to put theme together, so that did not matter to me.

You can also find some super deals at yard sales. Lots of times you can find items that are new with tags on them and in excellent condition.

If you have a Goodwill store I would also suggest stopping in there and giving it a look.

Do you have some great ideas on how to have a great Christmas on the Frugal side. If so, leave me a comment and let me know all about it.


Abbi said...

We try to do Christmas frugally as well. I am hosting "A Homemade Christmas" every Monday (starting next week) over at my blog and I would love to have you join me. I am going to have a Mr. Linky up so everyone can post and share their ideas.

Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

Two Words. Craig's List. I found the Little People Learning Sounds Zoo in perfect condition for $5. In the store, it's $45. What a steal! My son will love opening that on Christmas. I'm going to put it in a cardboard box and wrap it (after I clean it).

SusanPM said...

Actually, I just bought the bulk of my "little girl" Christmas presents last night at Target for nieces and nephews. Into the coming week, most stores (like Wal Mart and Target and even CVS and Walgreens) will put everything Halloween on Clearance. Up to 75% and 90% off. What better time to stock up on dress-up clothes? We bought a fairy costume ($29.99 marked down to $15), a glitter wand ($3.99 marked down to $1), a Hannah Montana purse ($5.99 marked down to $2), a High School Musical purse ($5.99 marked down to $2), two plastic shields (at $5.99 a piece marked down to $2) and two hatchets (at $3.99 a piece marked down to $2) for a fraction of what they cost new.