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Monday, October 27, 2008

Do Companies Value Honest Customer Feedback?

I have been wondering about this. I am from a retail background, and the retail companies that I worked for in the past always valued customer feedback. They looked at it as a way to see how the employees were doing. When my youngest child was born I bought several Avent bottles. I had used avent with my two older children and never had a problem with them. Well, these were completely different. All of the bottles leaked, it was terrible. I sent the company an email, and much to my surprise they emailed me back with a list of things that I was probably doing wrong. This was my third child, I already know pretty much all you can know about bottles. I was a little, no Very disappointed at the response that I received from the company.

Last week I was using my Swiffer, which I use all of the time and love, and it literally broke in two places. The top of the the handle broke off and the bottom part that holds the pad on broke off. I have only had this one for about 4 months, so I was very disappointed with that. I decided to email the company and let them know what happened. Much to my surprise they emailed me back that same day, thanking me for my feedback. They apologized that I had a bad experience, and said they would follow up by mail within three weeks. Today when I checked the mail there was on envelop with a letter from customer service, a coupon for a free swiffer starter kit, two coupons for Venus razors, a sample of Tide Total Care, and a coupon for Tide Total Care. This company really does have Great customer service.

Although you may not always get a good response, if you have a product that malfunctions, or is of poor quality I would highly suggest letting that company know about your experience. You may not always get a replacement, but at least maybe they can correct the defect so others will not have to get a bad product too.


erica m said...

I completely agree. It's hard to think of it as being helpful when we feel like we're complaining, but really, if we don't give feedback, how do companies know?

janetfaye said...

I agree that companies need to hear from us, the consumers, of their products.

There have been many times in the past,when I threw a product out that didn't work or a food that did not taste good.

I don't do that anymore.

I now contact the company and let them know and I feel that they appreciate the feedback.

Jill said...

Yes, the companies do need feedback, it's very important not only to find out what's defective with their products, but also, hear about what's "Good", and continually make improvements where needed!

Coupons are available for Swiffer products here if interested :)


Becky, Ann Michaels said...

I agree! I work for a company that performs web and phone surveys for companys. The companys that 'get' it love the feedback and have incorporated many of the ideas and comments into changing their company for the better! I wish more would see the importance of your feedback!