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Sunday, August 17, 2008

CVS Deals 8/17-8/23

CVS Deals
This week looks pretty good at CVS. These are the deals that I see so far.

Children's Advil $5.79
Maybeline $4.99
Total= $10.78
$2 CVS coupon
$1.00 Advil Coupon
$5.00 ECB's from last week
Total= $2.78, earn $5.79 and $2 ECB

Trans. #2
Dove skin vitalizer $9.99
Crest tooth paste $1.99
Total= $11.98
$2 CVS coupon
$3.50 Dove coupon from today's insert
$0.75 crest coupon
$5.79 ECB's from Trans. #1
Total= 0, earn $3 and $1 ECB

Revlon Lash Fantasy $7.99
Crest $1.99
Candy $0.50
Total= $10.48
$2 CVS coupon
$0.75 crest coupon
$2 ECB from trans. #1
$4 ECB from tans #2
Total= $1.73, earn $1 and $5 ECB

Trans. #4
Neosporin $10 (roughly)
$2 CVS coupon
(2) $1 Neosporan coupons
$6 ECB from trans #3
Total=0, earn $5 ECB's for next time.

Some other good deals this week:
Sunsilk is buy one get one free
Diapers are $5.99

Did you come up with some great scenarios for CVS this week? Leave me a comment and let me know all about it.


Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said...

Hmm...when you get around to it, you'll have to explain to me what an ECB is.
I've been telling my husband about your blog and the ways you save money but I'm lost on this one. :)

Brandy said...

Sure, an ECB is an Extra Care Buck. It is the CVS valued customer program. They have weekly offers (for example) this week you can buy crest for $1.99, and on the bottom of your receipt, a little coupon will print out that says $1.00 Extra Care Buck. These are like cash on your next purchase. Sorry, I should probably post somewhere on my site what all the abbreviations mean.