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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Great Site Round up!!

I love freebies, and have found a few sites on the web that have great freebies. I thought I would do a "round up" of all of my favorite freebie sites.

Ad Perk On this site you earn free magazine subscriptions for watching short ads on your computer. It does not take long, I think it took me about 30 min. to earn three free subscriptions. The magazines they are offering now are: Parenting, Ode, and Field and Stream. They have several more on the list that say coming soon. Those include Cosmo, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Dwell, and several more.I completed my offers about a month ago, and have already started receiving my free magazines.

Another Site that I came across was Lila Guide. I was not sure about this site to begin with. You write short reviews of products. When you have completed ten reviews, you receive a $5.00 Target gift card. I did my ten reviews, and about three weeks later I received my $5.00 gift card.

Microsoft Live Search Club is a fun site. You earn tickets by playing games, and searching the Internet using their search bar. You trade your tickets for prizes. I traded mine in for a cook book. If you have a little spare time and you like to play games, give it a try.

Some other sites that are not totally free, but are worth checking into are listed below.

Swap Baby Goods
. This is site where you can swap your old baby and mommy stuff for different stuff. It is free to register and list your items, of course you can always pay and upgrade your account, but I have always used the free account. You would be surprised what you can find on there. People also sell things on there. If you work out a swap with someone usually you both pay your own shipping, and that is really the only expense. One word of advise for this site, ALWAYS get delivery confirmation. That way you know for sure when your package was delivered and you have proof.

U and I Trade
. This site is much like Swap Baby Goods, but this one works on a points system. You pay for the shipping on the item that you ship out, and the person who sends you an item pays for the shipping when they send that out. The good thing about this site is if someone wants one of your items, they agree to pay you the points for the item. You don't have to work out a swap, and you can bank your points until you find something you want to spend them on.

These are a few of the great sites that I have come across on the web. As I find more, I will be sure to post them, and share my experiences. If you know of a great site leave me a comment and let me know all about it.

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