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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Free Home School Activity!!

As you can probably imagine, we go through a lot of food here in my house, which means a lot of boxes. So, I decided to save all of those boxes for a couple of weeks. I stacked them in the laundry room, and as crazy as this may sound, there is a reason to my madness.

I have two little boys who love to build with everything, so I thought this would be a good, fun way to let them be creative in school time.

So yesterday, everyone got their chance to build whatever they wanted. We had all kinds of creations, from robot suits to battle ships. It really is amazing to see what they can come up with with something as simple as a few boxes!!

Here are some pictures of the fun, and it went on for a while, until the boxes started to break down.  You will notice that some of the children have their PJ's on, sometimes we stay in the for a while, (I know, shame shame).

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