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Saturday, August 20, 2011

How Green Are You??

So, I have been reading tons of really good blogs and books lately about being "green", more healthy, and becoming more self sufficient. All in all, I like the idea of being able to produce my own food, and make some of the things that our family needs, such as clothes and things of that nature.

I know that many people live in small spaces, and do not have space for a large garden. There are also some really busy people out there who would like to be more "green", but think they do not have time.

Well, you do not have to let those reasons stop you. There are tons of things that you can do that do not require a lot of space or time.   For instance, I used to have a lovely square foot garden, that I enjoyed ever so much.  I no longer have the room for a square foot garden, but I am making the most of what I have.  In our current house we have flower beds, that were filled with pine straw when we moved in.  So, I moved the straw to make several little beds, and planted different vegetable plants in each bed.  So, far they are doing well.  I have also taken advantage of all of the flower pots that I have to plant vegetables.

We have also recycled a few two liter drink bottles and milk cartons as planters as well.  It is so funny, because today when my oldest daughter and I were out, we stopped at the store and I bought her a juice.  When we got home and she finished it, she brought me the bottle and told me that maybe I should use it to grow some brussel sprouts in.  It is so funny, when you don't think they are listening to anything you say, you find out that they are actually taking EVERYTHING in, words and actions!!

So, in honor of my new found passion, I will be sharing more tips on how you too can become more green and frugal, all at the same time!!

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