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Friday, July 15, 2011

Getting Ready For School!!

So, I don't know about you all, but I am trying my best to get ready for school.  We are a homeschool family, as most of you know, and this year I will be working with four children!!  I know this may not sound like a lot to some folks, but it is a pretty big task for me.  Last year, I was only working with one child, so this year will be an adjustment.

So, how do we school so many kids on a budget??  Well, around this time of year, most stores run back to school specials.  Grocery stores, drug stores, big box stores, you name the store, and they probably have some type of back to school special.  The trick that I have found most useful is to look each week for the specials at different stores.  Even if you usually only shop at one store for groceries and such, during the back to school season, it is worth it to shop around. 

Most places will run weekly specials for pennies.  I found some one subject notebooks for $0.15 this past week.  Some stores have certain items for $0.01, you just have to look around.  I try really hard to stock up when the prices are low like this, because we all know that stuff runs out.  Halfway through the year, you are sure to need more glue sticks and pencils, things like that.

If you stocked up last year, and have all of your items need to start school, be sure to check the clearance sales, after the back to school season has ended and stock up for next year.

It is possible to purchase school supplies without breaking the bank, even if you are schooling several children!!

What are your favorite back to school saving strategies??

photo source: andrei 122

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