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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dressing up a yard sale ottoman

Guest post written by Kristy Herman

I rarely ever go to yard sales, but one of my friends talked me into going around to some of them last weekend. It wasn't as cold as it's been here lately so I thought I'd go with her in hopes of finding something that would make it worth getting up early on Saturday morning. And I did find something! I found this old ottoman that's in this great oval shape with an ugly plaid print.

I knew that I wanted that ottoman, but just with a different print. So I paid 5 bucks for the thing and just looked up with my Wireless internet how to recover it.

I did find some great resources and the thing was in really good shape. I just didn't want an ottoman with that print in my home, so I'm working on making a new cover for the thing. I got a bright red color and I think it's going to look really mod once I'm through with it, which shouldn't be very long from now.

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