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Friday, January 28, 2011

Trash or Teaching Aid??

When you look at this picture, what do you see?

Is it just a pile of trash, caps that need to be recycled, or is it a super frugal teaching aid??  If you guessed the second choice, you are right.  This is not just a pile of discarded drink caps, this is a pile of math and color manipulative's for my preschooler and kindergartner.

**NOTE:  Your child should be old enough to not place these in their mouth!!  I do not want anyone choking on me!!**  I am pretty sure most of you knew that, but I just had to add it in!!

These are great for learning colors and numbers.  I can ask my child to get 2 green, and see if she knows the color and the number.  I was shocked when we first started homeschooling at the price of everything, math manipulative's are Expensive when you buy them at an Education store.  They do not HAVE to be expensive if you use what you have in a creative way. 

Okay, so there is my frugal homeschool tip of the day, do you have one to share.  I always love learning new ways to save money, especially on homeschooling, we have five children after all!!

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