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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What should you save??

We all know how expensive it can be to homeschool, or even entertain preschoolers, right?? Well, there are some everyday items that you can save around your house that can make it a little easier on your wallet.

Paper towel and toilet tissue tubes: these can be used for sooo many art projects, and can keep kids busy for hours. Just think how much more fun your child will have on a nature walk with a pair of binoculars (made from TP rolls).

Cereal boxes: These can be used for art project, organization, games, and storage in your school area.

Newspaper: If you have it anyway, why not use it to make paper mache things?

Lids from milk jugs and drink bottles: These are great to use for OLDER children who are not at risk of choking on them. They make great manipulative's, and I have also seen some really creative crafts with these.

Kleenex boxes: The longer boxes work great as monster shoes, just make the opening a little bigger. Preschoolers love playing with them, especially when you decorate them.

This is only a short list of useful items that can probably be found in your home right now. So, before you toss it next time, think about what else you can use it for!!

photo source: branox

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